The distributor is at the very heart of the CENDREX business model. Built on loyal relationships, CENDREX is frequently perceived by its distributors to be one of the best suppliers in its field. CENDREX offers exclusive tools which will not only improve your profit margins, but also help make you the access door specialist in your market. We choose to build and support an exclusive network of distributors which currently extends throughout North America. We rely on our distributors to serve general contractors and subcontractors. CENDREX is a proud partner of your success.

This section is specifically designed for CENDREX’s distributors and contains all the links and information deemed useful and necessary.


The Cendrex AdvantageLEED V4Most Frequently Used Links
  • Exclusive to CENDREX: CTR Contour access door with hidden flange
  • Odd size doors manufactured in 5 business days
  • Custom doors manufactured in 10 business days
  • North Americain network of regional warehouses
  • Products sold exclusively to distributors
  • Manufacturer of access doors, floor hatches and roof hatches
  • Complete line of products
  • Drop ship available
  • Marketing materials offered: Binders, catalogs, floor and counter displays and training



  • Cendrex offers LEED V4 compliant products. See our LEED V4 Program
  • All of our products' LEED data sheets are available.
    • Recycled content certificate
    • Health Product Declaration ™ (HPD)
    • Environmental Data Sheet (EDS).

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