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FLEXISNAP – Adjustable Access Door

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Flexisnap is a magnetic access door panel for drywall that allows you to quickly access the items you want hidden, such as plumbing or electrical wires. It only takes two minutes to install on walls or ceilings with a minimal amount of tools. Powerful magnets hold the sturdy metal panel in place and the adjustable frame adapts to different openings in an instant. For more information, visit our website

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CTA - Adjustable Access Door

CTA Adjustable Access Door

The CTA access door is adjustable to the size of the opening. Installing the access door is quick and easy.

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AHD - General use access door

AHD Access Door

The AHD is designed for a quick and easy installation on non-rated vertical and horizontal surfaces made of drywall or any other type of material.

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AHD-PLY - General purpose access door with plaster bead flange

AHD-PLY Access Door

The AHD-PLY access door is the right solution for plaster covered walls and ceilings.

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SFM - Surface mounted access door

SFM Access Door

The SFM access door is designed to sit directly on the wall and can be installed easily with fasteners on the 4 corners.

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GRG - Glass fiber reinforced gypsum access panel


The GRG access panel is designed to blend seamlessly in a drywall ceilling application.

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CTR - Aesthetic access door with hidden flange for all surface types

CTR Access Door

The exclusive CTR access door features a truly cohesive appearance due to its well-integrated design of concealing the space between the panel and the flange.

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AHD-GYP - General purpose access door with drywall bead flange

AHD-GYP Access Door

The AHD-GYP access door is engineered for a clean final finish. Once a sufficient layer of drywall compound is applied...

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RMD - Removable aesthetic access door with hidden flange

RMD Access Door

The RMD is as aesthetically pleasing as the CTR, however, the door panel is detachable from the frame.

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RPL - Removable plastic access door

RPL Access Door3The RPL is a removable high impact ABS plastic access panel with UV stabilizers.

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